If you’ve recently been thinking about a tub to shower conversion because you are concerned with entering and exiting your bathtub, then you should consider another alternative—a walk in tub! Their benefits extend far beyond accessibility, so you should read on to learn more about how the help of you and your loved ones can benefit from one of our innovative walk in tubs.

Reduced Risk of Falling

First and foremost, even young and agile people are at risk for slipping and falling in a wet bathtub. Fortunately, with the low barrier, well-sealed door, and fast drain system, you can make your bathroom a lot safer for you, your children, or your parents. Best of all, the seat adds more comfort to your bath while also making it easier to stand up after you are finished.

Increased Circulation

Most of our state-of-the-art walk in tubs come with extra features, such as whirlpool jets. These are especially beneficial to your health because the massaging streams of water help to stimulate and encourage blood circulation. Not only does this leave you feeling more rejuvenated, but it also can help to provide extra clarity to your skin.

Relief from Joint and Muscle Pain

Whether you’re a young athlete or senior with arthritis, you can expect to see many health benefits from our walk in tubs. While the warm water helps to ease pain and inflammation in your muscles and joints, the whirlpool jets are designed to target key muscle groups to provide additional relief. Even if you don’t have chronic pain, relaxing in the warm whirlpool tub can help to soak away any stress, aches, or pains as needed.

Better Sleep

Lastly, a warm bath before bed can help you relax and unwind after a long day. When you combine the water with some Epsom salts, you can slip into a relaxation that would cost you hundreds of dollars at a spa. Once you feel calm and refreshed, you’ll have a much easier time falling and staying asleep so that you can wake up feeling renewed and ready to tackle the day.

Are you ready to start enjoying all of the benefits of a walk in tub? If so, contact Bath Planet of West Texas to schedule a design consultation for your bathtub installation! You can speak with one of our knowledgeable call representatives, or you can request a complimentary quote for our services by submitting your project details through our online form.